We are a full-stack Branding, Website Development, App Development and Digital marketing company with all the expertise you need to build a successful, stable and scalable product. We follow our tried and tested processes that ensures that the product is a marketfit, and hence your marketing and technology partner.


Why Greet Serve Web Solutions?

Apart from working on our projects, we strive to create a workplace that motivates every member to innovate and implement, take pride and enjoy their work. Life at Greet Serve Web Solutions isn’t for everyone. We expect a lot and we’re very choosy about who we bring in our team. Before you apply, we strongly recommend reading about our hiring policies.


Great career opportunity

At Greet Serve Web Solutions the hours are long, the work is tough, challenging yet fun work, collegial meritocratic environment, under 25 team, opportunity to impact thousands of users globally. Everyone gets to be the pilot and handle his portfolio. Open and people-friendly environment. If it’s still fascinating, come join the mission.



Graphic Designer

Web Developer

Android App Developer

IOS App Developer

Business Development


Social Media / Digital Marketing

Content Writer

Operations Manager

Client Servicing

Accounts & Finance

Our Hiring Strategy

You apply to us with your resume and links to your public profile. If we feel that there is an opening where we can utilise your strength, we will contact you for an initial phone interview.

  • Be honest and sure about the position you are applying for.
  • Send your detailed updated resume with a photograph.
  • Resumes should be in ‘.pdf’ format.
  • Include social links eg. Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin.
  • Upload your resume at our website
  • Incase of doubts you can reach us at Website

Inorder to guage your skills, you will be given an test assignment, which you are supposed to complete within a given time period. After it is done and whatever is the result, we will get in touch with you.

  • Kindly try to get a complete understanding and overview of the assignment.
  • We look for problem solvers with innovative approaches.
  • Stick to the specified timeline.
  • Comment the codes.
  • Upload your resume at our website
  • Incase of doubts you can reach us at Website

After your assignment is assessed, whatever is the result, we will get in touch with you. If all goes
hunky-dory, you will be a part of our awesome team. And we go and win the world together!

Our Tips:

  • By the end of the process, we’ll have a clear understanding of whether you’re right for
    the role, and you’ll know whether the role is right for you.
  • We will invite you to our office to get a look and feel of our activities.
  • If we think you are, and you think it is, we’ll welcome you with open arms.
  • From there, you’ll hit the ground running and start making valuable contributions from day one.

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